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We ship dating royal copenhagen plates normal business days. Unfortunately this item dating royal copenhagen plates currently not in stock. We will check up on delivery options, and if you like, you may be signed up for the product, and be notified when the product is available.

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Items in stock are normally shipped immediately within business days. When your payment has been confirmed by us, you will receive an order confirmation.

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Should the time of delivery be delayed beyond normal i. By delivery time we mean the time from the order is confirmed to the order is shipped from DPH Trading. Not the time between the order is made to the time you receive the order.

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We are therefore depending of the various suppliers, dealers and collectors and the time of delivery is only an estimate. In some situations it can be impossible for DPH Trading to predict flirt hotline kostenlos exact time of delivery if the items are specially ordered or customised.

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Sometimes the items have to be produced from scratch. If the particular item is of significant age we may have to rely on private collectors who are willing to sell.

DPH Trading could take precautions for the delivery of entire or parts of an order.

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Part deliveries can occur. We always strive to inform you as quickly and efficiently as possible, should any deliveries change or be divided into separate deliveries.

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In extraordinary situations negotiations can be made where the buyer are not responsible for the extra delivery cost in case of part deliveries. Collect your items at our shop If you prefer to collect your order at our boutique in Odense, Denmark you very welcome to do so.

dating royal copenhagen plates

You can see our opening hours dating royal copenhagen plates contact information at the page top and bottom. When you collect you order in person at our shop the freight cost is free.

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A visit to our store also gives you the opportunity to experience our amazing selection of items on display.